I’ve been busy thinking about boys

A custom spread I made for a friend searching for some clarity. I wanted to create a spread that had more of a discussion about what was happening currently, and to clear the air before she made any decisions. Her pull was really incredible in terms of the messages conveyed.


1 | Querent

2 | Problem

3| Something to Consider

4| Lesson to Learn

5| Suggested Actions

6| Suggested Actions

7| Possible outcome

8| Saint

9| Saint


  1. Death
  2. Page of Cups (reversed)
  3. Queen of Wands (left)
  4. 9 of Cups (left)
  5.  10 of Wands (reversed)
  6. The Hanged One (reversed)
  7. The World
  8. 10 of Cups (reversed)
  9. 2 of Cups (right)

The First Time I Went to Chicago I got a Safety Pin Stuck in My Heart. [custom spread]

h&d – friendship spread, april 28th 2017, chicago illinois


  1. The Present – The Tower (reversed)
  2. Future – Five of Wands (left)
  3. Help from the other – Two of Cups


  1. The Present- The Hierophant
  2. The Future- Eight of Cups (reversed)
  3. Help from the other- The Moon (reversed)

Friendship | Goals | Struggles

Nine of Swords (reversed) | High Priestess (left) | Four of Swords (right)

H: Saint – Two of Pentacles (reversed)

D: Saint – Three of Pentacles (reversed), Ace of Wands (reversed)

H: Present: The Tower – You Will Never Be the Same Again; stagnation which will be more damaging in the long run than collapse of old structures. Refusal to accept what is happening. Sometimes, actual, physical, death.

Future:Five of Wands (left): Left turned cards means a process that is not complete yet. Dynamic, creative, struggle.

Help from the other: Two of Cups : Love affair. Meeting someone or something half way. Compromise. Union, opposites, partnerships.

D: Present: The Hierophant – Faith, Inc; tradition, convention, spiritual law, dogma and doctrine, conformity. Psychological manipulation.

Future: Eight of Cups (reversed) – Stasis, complacency, not knowing when to stop. Escapism, abandonment, withdraw, walking away.

Help from the other: The Moon; Waters Primeval (reversed) – Delusions. Lunacy. Deceptive visions. False faith. Resistance to impulses from the subconscious. Night magic. Moon shadows. Psychic visions.

Friendship: Nine of Swords (reversed) – Chaos before perfection, depression, worry, anxiety, nightmares, don’t sweat the small stuff, gaining perspective, movement expanding, courage returning.

Goals: High Priestess; Reading the Unwritten – Veiled truth, occult vision, authentic power. The rituals of the ancestors and ancient ways. Second sight. Experience and wisdom backed by intuition.

Struggles: Four of Swords (right- right turned cards mean that it is being pushed too hard); Contemplation, passivity, relaxation, recuperation, postponing a decision needlessly.

H: Helper; Two of Pentacles (reversed) – Disorganization, time management, balance, instability, too many projects taken on at once.

D: Helper; Three of Pentacles (reversed) – Team work, collaboration, disregard for skills, lack of direction, haphazard results.

D: Helper; Ace of Wands (reversed) – Inspiration, power, potential, lack of motivation, lack of progress, spiritual emptiness.

4-2-17 ; partner spread



I have great amounts of irritation for “partnership” or “relationship” spreads I have found so far, not really because of the format but because of the misuse and abuse of words like “outcome” or “challenge”. And of course, it’s all in how you interpret things, but when looking for ideas within the confines of a relationship, things should be as direct and to the point as possible. I made this spread before I started using my ‘fortune telling’ cards, which perhaps I should possibly re-do this spread with them, but for the record.

HAZE ; 7 Card Sunday Ritual


Haze does a general seven card spread every week to set the stage for their coming week.  Haze’s deck is the Slow Holler deck, made by southern queer artists. The names of court cards in their deck are different, but I transcribed them using the traditional names so I could keep track in the record keeping.

May 28th – Creative Project Spiral



This spread was actually modified from The Creative Tarot by Jessica Crispin. I always feel like there needs to be additional support when asking for projects that involve either;

multiple people (this was a spread I actually did on this project – Olive Stalker)

multiple stages or formats (this has been — an article, a newsletter, a collective)

I think it has been a really helpful in how I’ve focused on what to write or how to consider my subject matter.

6/4/17 : Friendship Build @ Swan House

I built this spread during a hangout with some friends, one of whom lives out of town. I recently started to try and build more spreads using all of my decks — currently topping out at three decks.

I wanted to build a spread that would showcase our individual strengths (the first top cards), a set of  “fortunes” or action items / verbs, Saints/helpers for us, what we can bring to the friendship, and the outcome of our relationship. I have built many spreads with Edith, and I really enjoyed this one.

The first set of cards (personal strengths) I used the Gorgon deck. The fortunes are just a normal deck of playing cards, Saints are the Wanderers Tarot and the outcome I used the Gorgon Tarot.